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Asian Gay & Lesbian News Archive
(listed from the oldest to newest in each section)

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in adding missing news items to this archive. Please contact us if you have copies of regional GLBT news not yet on this list.

Milestones in Asia's Gay and Lesbian Communities:

  • 1st Asian Gay Magazine: Barazoku, Japan, 1971
  • 1st Asian Gay Rights Organization: Indonesia, 1981
  • 1st Thai Gay Magazine: Mithuna, 1983
  • 1st Japanese Gay Rights Organization: JILGA, 1983
  • 1st Taiwanese Gay-Themed Novel: Crystal Boys, 1983
  • 1st Thai Lesbian Organization: Anjaree, 1986
  • 1st Singaporean Gay Magazine: OG, 1987
  • 1st Malaysian Gay AIDS Organization: Pink Triangle, 1988
  • 1st Thai Gay AIDS Organization: FACT, 1988
  • 1st Indian Gay Magazine: Bombay Dost, 1989
  • 1st Asian Gay Film/Video Festival: Hong Kong, 1989
  • 1st Taiwanese Lesbian Activist Organization: Women Zhi Jian, 1990
  • Hong Kong Decriminalization of Homosexuality, 1991
  • 1st International Asian Lesbian Conference: Bangkok, 1991
  • 1st Gay Play in Singapore, Another Tribe by Fong Yong Chin, 1991
  • 1st Japanese International Gay Film/Video Festival: Tokyo, 1992
  • China Decriminalization of Homosexuality: 1993
  • 1st Taiwanese Lesbian Magazine: Ai Bao, 1993
  • 1st Asian Gay Rights Conference: Indonesia, 1993
  • 1st Gay Art Show in Singapore: Tan Peng & John Goss, Feb 20, 1993
  • 1st Asian Gay Pride March: Manila, Jun 26, 1994
  • 1st Japanese Gay Pride March: Tokyo, 1994
  • 1st Indian Gay Conference: Mumbai, 1994
  • 1st Thai Gay and Lesbian Book Shop: Utopia, Dec 13, 1994
  • 1st Asian Gay and Lesbian Internet Portal: Utopia-Asia.com, Dec 13, 1995
  • 1st Taiwanese Gay Wedding: 1996
  • 1st Officially Authorized Taiwanese Gay Magazine: G&L, 1996
  • 1st Thai International Gay Film/Video Festival: Hearts of Light, Bangkok, Oct 11, 1996
  • 1st International Chinese Tongzhi Conference: Hong Kong, Dec, 1996
  • 1st Asian Lesbian Pride March: Tokyo, 1997
  • 1st Taiwanese Gay Pride Event: Taipei, June 29, 1997
  • Legal Victory in Gay Discrimination Suit: Tokyo, Sep 16, 1997
  • 1st Korean Gay Magazine: Buddy, 1998
  • 1st Chinese National Lesbian Conference: Beijing 1998
  • 1st Thai International Gay Pride Festival: Bangkok, Oct 31, 1999
  • 1st Indonesian Lesbian Organization: Swara Srikandi, 2000
  • 1st Utopia Awards for Gay & Lesbian Pioneers: Bangkok, Nov 4, 2000
  • China Officially Declassifies Homosexuality as a Disease: 2001
  • 1st Chinese Gay Film Festival: Beijing, 2001
  • Thailand Officially Declassifies Homosexuality as a Mental Disorder: 2002
  • 1st Cambodian Gay Pride Event: Phnom Penh, 2003
  • 1st Sri Lankan GLBT AIDS Event: Jul 3, 2003
  • 1st Taiwanese Gay Pride March: Nov 1, 2003
  • 1st Korean Gay Wedding: Mar, 2004
  • 1st Indian Gay and Lesbian Center: Mumbai, Apr 25, 2004
  • 1st Hong Kong GLBT Rights Rally, May 17, 2005
  • 1st Int'l Conference of Asian GLBT Studies: Bangkok, July 7-9, 2005
  • 1st Sri Lankan Pride Celebration: Colombo, July 20, 2005
  • 1st Singaporean Public Pride Festival: Indignation, the month of Aug, 2005
  • Thailand's 1st National Human Rights Day for Sexual Diversity, Nov 29, 2008
  • Shanghai's 1st Pride Week, June 7-14, 2009
  • Dehli High Court Repeals Anti-Homosexual Laws, July 2, 2009
  • 1st Siem Reap Pride Event at Linga Bar, May 2012
  • Vietnam's first Pride Parade held in Hanoi, Aug 5, 2012
  • 1st Asia/Pacific country to legalize same-sex marriage: New Zealand, Apr 17, 2013
  • 1st Cambodia LGBT magazine: Q, published May 19, 2015
  • 1st Asian country to affirm that its constitution protects marriage equality: Taiwan, May 24, 2017
  • India's Supreme Court decriminalizes homosexuality, Sep 6, 2018
  • Taiwan legalizes same sex marriage, May 17, 2019
  • Bhutan decriminalizes homosexuality, June 8, 2019
  • Singapore decriminalization of sex between men, Nov 29, 2022
  • Tawan regularizes adoption for same-sex couples, May 16, 2023

    Asian News Archive and Utopia Special Reports:

    ASIA (General)
    GLBT movement in Asia -- Where We Stand Now

    The First Annual Utopia Awards for Gay and Lesbian Pioneers in Asia
    The 2001 Utopia Awards Recognize Asian Community Leaders
    Four African Countries Receive Visits from Asian AIDS Groups
    2002 Utopia Awards for Gay and Lesbian Pioneers in Asia
    Hawaii, First Gay Straight Alliance in the Public School System
    Asian Queer Film Festival Organizers Meet in Berlin
    2003 Utopia Award Winners Announced
    The 2003 annual Utopia Awards Honor Asian Heros
    First Gay and Lesbian Drop-In Center Opened in Mumbai, India
    Indian Court Refuses to Overturn Antique Sodomy Law
    Five Pioneers to be Recognized at Asia's Annual GLBT Human Rights Celebration
    The 5th Annual Utopia Awards for Gay and Lesbian Pioneers in Asia.

    The 2005 Utopia Awards for Asian Gay and Lesbian Pioneers

    Gay Comrades in East Asia Emerge From the Shadows
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    Australian Advances in Gay Rights
    Sydney Mardi Gras Tries to Remove Words "Gay" and "Lesbian" from Name
    Melbourne University to Teach Secrets of Drag Make-up for Men
    Australia Abandons Human Rights of its Gay Citizens Arrested Abroad
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    Bagan, Burma's Lost City
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    Cambodia's Royalist Party Woos Transgender Voters
    Cambodia's King Says Gays Should be Allowed to Marry
    Cambodians Celebrate at Their 2nd Annual GLBT Pride Party!
    Hun Sen Calls for Tolerance/Disowns Lesbian Daughter
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    Beijing Court Rejects Woman's Compensation Request Over Gay Husband
    AIDS Education Pamphlet Offers Frank Advice for Gays
    Groundbreaking Chinese Film Explores the Lives of Gays in Beijing
    Hong Kong Gay Scene Magazine Launched
    Landmark Study Reveals Sexual Behavior of Gay Men in Hong Kong Saunas
    Gay Hong Kong Movie Idol, Leslie Cheung, Dies
    Nanjing Gay Bar Owner Arrested for Hiring Male Prostitutes
    2004 Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival
    Police Hold Panty Raid at Hong Kong Gay Fashion Show
    Fudan University Adds a 2nd Course on Homosexuality to its Curriculum
    Police Force Closure of Beijing's First Gay Pride Festival
    Hong Kong High Court Strikes Down Gay Discrimination
    Hong Kong Equalizes Age of Consent for Gays
    Hong Kong High Court Strikes Down Anti-Gay Law
    High Court Rules in Favor of Gays in TV Controversy
    2009 ShanghaiPRIDE Events Announced

    ShanghaiPRIDE 2009 shines a bright rainbow in China

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    Dehli Repeals 148-year-old Ban on Gay Sex
    Indian Businesses Rush to Tap the Pink Rupee
    Kashish - Mumbai Queer Film Festival to Premiere in April
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    Indonesian Government TV Shows Transgender Movie
    Full Moon Magic in Bali
    Candi Sukuh, Java's Ancient Erotic Pyramid
    Gay Club Organizes Midnight Candlelight Vigil for Bali Bomb Victims
    Durian-scented Condoms Enlisted in the Fight Against AIDS in Indonesia
    Indonesian Transgenders Work to Improve Their Lives
    Indonesia's 2nd Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Dates Announced
    Indonesia Plans to Criminalize Peaceful Citizens' Sexual Relations
    Guy Kisses Guy and Indonesian Film Audiences Lap it Up
    Report of Police Torture and Abuse of Gays in Aceh
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    Tokyo High Court Rules in Favor of Gay Group in Discrimination Case
    Hundreds of Lesbians March to Celebrate Japan's First Dyke Day
    New Book Counters Narrow Japanese View of Gays
    Japanese Transgendered Man Allowed to Run for Public Office as a Female
    Home Run for Japanese Baseball Player who Starred in Gay Porno
    Osaka Legislator Announces That She is a Lesbian
    Japan’s First Openly Lesbian Politician Loses National Election

    Toyko Pride 2007

    Naked Festival Too Naked
    Sapporo's 12th Annual Rainbow March Schedule Announced

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    Luang Prabang - Laos' Ancient Royal City
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    Malaysian Film Festival Highlights Lives of Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders and PWAs
    Malaysia Joins Forces with Libya to Defeat UN Human Rights Protection for Gays
    Malaysia's Most Hated Sodomy Conviction Overturned by High Court
    Malay Press Reports Fuel Police Crack Down on Gay Clubs
    Malaysia's Ex-Prime Minister Sued for Gay Bashing
    Malaysian Fatwa Bans Tomboy Behavior
    Life isn't easy for Malaysian gays. And it may be getting worse.
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    Nepal's First Drag Beauty Contest Highlights Gay Rights Issues
    Police Brutality Aimed at Nepalese Gays
    Nepal's Second Annual Gay Pride Festival Announced
    Nepal's second annual Pride Parade Delivers Powerful Public Message
    Nepal's Gay Community Seeks Endorsement of UN Resolution Protecting GLBT Rights
    Amnesty International Seeks Release of 39 Members of Nepal's GLBT Rights Group
    Nepal's Colorful Pride Parade Calls for Equality and Understanding
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    ProGay Helps Launch Arts-training Shelter for Unemployed Gays and Lesbians
    Philippines to Deny Family Visas for Foreign Gay Couples
    Filipino Gays Chide Big Wigs' Bigoted Banter
    Filipino Gays and Lesbians Tell Catholic Gathering "We are Family, too"
    God Answers Filipino Gay and Lesbian Prayers. "No," says God.
    Lesbians not Women According to Philippines' Top Gynecologist
    Police and Reporters Entrap and Abuse Victims in "Operation Lollipop"
    Gay and Lesbian Film Festival to be Held in November
    Philippine Pride 2003 Activities Announced
    Pride International Film Festival to be Held in Manila
    Manila to Host World Gathering of Gay and Lesbian Activists
    Baguio City Witnesses its First Same-sex Wedding
    Groundbreaking Anti-Discrimination Legislation Wins Support of Philippine Congress
    Philippines Announces 2nd Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
    Manila's 2nd Pink Film Festival Celebrates a Decade of Filipino Pride
    Chairman of Philippines Movie and TV Board Slammed for Ignorance

    Manila Pride March 2009 shines a bright rainbow in the Philippines

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    3rd Singapore AIDS Conference Slated
    New Singapore Service Offers Free Sex Advice for Teens via Text Messaging
    Singapore Hosts Lecture on the Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Community in China
    Gay Themes in Singapore's Arts Scene in the Mid 1990s
    Singapore Set to Attract Gay Talent to Bolster its Economy
    Singapore's Christian Bigots Lay Plans for Battle Against Homosexuality
    Singapore Gays Petition Parliament Over Oral Sex Criminalization
    Singapore Government Continues to Thwart Rights of Homosexuals
    Singapore Sounds Alarm Over Rise in HIV Infection Rates Among Gays
    Singapore Health Minister Slams Local Gay Website
    Singapore Police Reject Permit for Annual Gay Dance Party
    Singapore Health Officials Blame Gays, Seek to Track Sexual Partners
    Singapore Police Arrest Four in Gay Sauna
    Singapore Prime Minister Supports "No Gay Pride Parade" Policy
    Singapore Gay Website Claim of Police Harrassment Questioned
    Singapore Prepares for Second Annual Pride Month
    Singapore Government to Allow Straights to Butt Fuck Legally
    Lee Kuan Yew Speaks Out Against Criminalizing Homosexuality
    Sir Ian McKellen Protests Singapore's Hated British Colonial Anti-Buggery Law
    Singapore Fines State Media for Gay Content
    Singaporeans Rally for GLBT Love and Tolerance at PinkDot
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    East Meets West In Korea's Itaewon Gay Enclave
    Korea to Remove Anti-Gay Definitions from Dictionaries
    Korean Gays Face Uphill Battle Against Social Conformity and Religious Bigotry
    Anti-gay Language to be Removed from Korea's Youth Protection Act
    Koreans Step Out at the Rainbow 2003 Korean Queer Festival
    Conservative Korean Society Grapples with Gay Marriage
    Korean Courts Debate Recognizing Gender Change
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    Sri Lanka's First GLBT AIDS Charity Event Announced

    Sri Lanka's First Gay Pride Celebration.

    Colombo Pride 2008 Schedule Announced
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    Police Raid Well-Known Gay Business in Taipei, Taiwan
    Victory for Taipei Gay Sauna in Police Misconduct Case
    Taiwanese Lawmakers in Gay Karaoke Scandal
    Taipei Woman Honored for Work with Sexual Minorities
    Coalition Calls for End to Discrimination in Taipei
    Taiwan's Tongzhi (Homosexual) Hotline Association Aims for Public Awareness
    Taipei Girls' School Wins Trip to Singapore for Gay-Friendly Musical
    Taiwan's First Gay Novel Now a TV Mini-Series
    Rave and Home Parties Become Popular with Gays in Taipei
    Taiwanese Conservatives Launch Legal Attack on Sexual Rights Scholar and Activist
    Taipei Holds First Gay Pride March as Government Considers Human Rights Law
    Taiwan Vice President Says AIDS is a Punishment from God
    Taipei Police Raid "Gay Drug Orgy"
    Gay Activists Slam Media Coverage of Police Raid
    Asian AIDS Action Condemns Taiwanese Treatment of Gays in Recent Police Raid
    Taiwan Announces Annual Gay Pride Parade Date for 2004
    Taipei Mayor Flies the Rainbow Flag Over City Hall
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    Thailand's Colorful Festival of Naughty Ghosts
    Bangkok Gay Festival 2000: Purple Queens Seize Silom Road!
    2000 Phuket Gay Festival: Out and Proud in Paradise
    Bangkok Gay Festival 2001: Bangkok's Pink Heart Draws Them In
    Pattaya's First Gay Festival a Hit
    Messages of Hope at Phuket Pride 2002
    Thai Theatrical Drama Highlights Gay-Straight Freindship
    Bangkok's 4th Pride Parade Gets Official Go-Ahead
    Thai Country Music Star in New Gay-Themed Film
    Bangkok Celebrates at Pride in the Park 2002
    Bangkok Pride 2002 Holds 4th Annual Parade
    2002 Pattaya Gay Festival Observes International World AIDS Day
    Thai Man Made Scapegoat for Bungled Sauna Raid
    Thailand's Health Authority Announces that Homosexuality is not a Mental Disorder
    Thailand to Provide Scouts with Free Condoms
    Thai Tolerance in Doubt as Police Harass Gay Clubs
    HIV Infection Soars Among Thai Youths
    2003 Phuket Gay Pride Festival Announces Schedule
    Phuket Gay Festival 2003 a Hit with Visitors and Locals Alike
    Pizza Hut to Give Away Gay Thai Figurines to Attract Teens
    Lesbian Leading Character a First in Thai Feature Film
    Phuket Gays Garner Positive Comments from Tourism Authority and Police
    Gay and Transgender Men to be Excluded from Military Service
    Gay Restaurateur and Philanthropist, Bruno Forrer, Dies in Pattaya
    Married Men and Women Found to Frequent Services of Thai Male Sex Workers
    Pride in the Park 2003 Celebrated During the Loy Kratong Festival
    2003 Bangkok Pride Hosts 5th Annual Parade
    UN Slams Removal of Condoms from Thai Gay Saunas
    Phuket Gay Festival 2004 Holds 5th Annual Pride Festival
    Gays and Lesbians Celebrate Their Union in Chiang Mai
    Thai Cultural Ministry "Declares War" on Homosexuals
    Gay and Lesbian Groups Denounce Culture Ministry Moves
    Thai GLBT Groups Counter Government's Anti-Gay Campaign
    International Queer Studies Conference Announced for Bangkok in 2005
    Chiang Mai School Creates Transgender Bathroom
    Bangkok Pride 2004 Kicks Off a Week of Activities with Gay Fun Fair
    Report and pictures from Pink in the Park 2004
    Bangkok Governor's Message Opens 2004 Bangkok Pride Week
    Bangkok's 6th annual pride parade takes to the streets.
    Lower Court Rules That Popular Thai Gay Scene Magazine in Obscene
    A Special Post-Tsunami Report from Phuket
    2005 Phuket Gay Festival Postponed Until April Due to Tsunami
    First International Conference of Asian GLBT Studies to be Held in Bangkok
    Report and Pictures from the 6th Annual Phuket Gay Festival.
    Thai Military to Stop Labeling Gay Recruits as Mentally Defective
    The 7th Annual Bangkok Pride Parade.
    Thailand Launches Gay Shopping Zone
    Thai Culture Ministry Objects to Foreigners Telling it Like it is
    The 7th Annual Phuket Gay Festival.
    Dates Announced for the 8th Annual Phuket Pride Festivities

    Bangkok's 8th Annual Pride Fest, 2006

    Thailand Fails to Include Protection for LGBT in its New Constitution
    Thai Constitution Drafters Decide Gays Need Equal Rights
    Fading Smiles: One Third of Thailand's Gays Threatened by HIV
    Thailand's first National Human Rights Day for Sexual Diversity
    Chiang Mai Activists Fight for Annual LGBT Celebration
    Taksin's Thugs Force Cancellation of CM Pride Festivities
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    Vietnamese Officials Announce Plan to Distribute 60 million Condoms at Universities
    Police Raid Saigon Sauna
    Safer Sex Message not Getting Through to Men who have Sex with Other Men
    Two Saigon Men Jailed for Operating a Gay Brothel
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    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Amp Puttipong)

    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

    Bangkok Pride 2023

    At Bangkok Pride 2023 (photo: Siam Pride)

    Tokyo Rainbow Pride

    At Tokyo Rainbow Pride

    Cambodia Pride

    Dynamic duo at Cambodia Pride

    Special photo exhibition by Mark Leighton!


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