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Travel & Resources: MYANMAR / BURMA

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Advisory: Myanmar maintains antique British-colonial legal prohibitions on "carnal intercourse against the order of nature," although there seems to be no history of enforcement. There are no reports of raids or harassment of LGBT-popular venues or cruising areas.

General Information

    Elections in Nov, 2010 saw military rule replaced with a military-backed nominally civilian government, which took office in Mar, 2011. Many recent positive signals have been welcomed by the international community, including the release of political detainees.

    The people of Myanmar want you to visit. Money that you spend there goes directly into their hands to improve their lives. Many of the people you encounter have studied English (they have already placed their bets on Myanmar's brighter future) and they are very grateful for any contact with foreign visitors.

    Myanmar seems frozen in time, but expect everything to change rapidly as the country opens. You can still see Asian daily life here as it existed more than a century ago. Almost everywhere you visit is going to be safe. You must take shoes off at all sacred s, so consider easily removable footwear (and a wet towel to clean feet).

    Women and men still wear charming wrap-around longyis (sarong) as standard attire and decorate their faces with pale yellow powder. The farther upcountry you go, the more colorful ethnic groups will be encountered ("Myanmar" was chosen as the country's name to include all of the dozens of ethnic groups that comprise the nation, not just the ethnic Burmese). Myanmar should definitely be on your dream itinerary for Southeast Asia.

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Travel Services

  • Tamarind Travel
      PO Box 593 Ashmore City, Gold Coast, Australia
      (61-7) 3103-2434, (61-4) 2419-5456, email

      Gay and lesbian-friendly tours to Myanmar. English speaking team of travel agents and tour guides who organise individual and private tours, custom made tours, group tours, hotel and flight bookings exclusively in Myanmar. Member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.
      Utopia Member Benefit: LUNCH FOR TWO (set menu) at Monsoon Restaurant and Bar to value of US$15. This will buy lovely 3 course lunch.
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    , Asia's spectacular lost city.


Popular Spots

Restaurants and Cafes

    • Pub Asiatico UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2020
        Museum Rd
        +95 945-209-6741, email

        Gay-friendly pub experience with a unique, cross-cultural design and menu ranging from authentic pizzas to fusion Asian dishes. Their gay-friendly management will be pleased to welcome you.
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Popular Spots


      Click here for Mandalay hotels and accommodations.

Massage and Spas

      Comments from Utopians:

      "We found a new massage place in Mandalay called Luxury Spa, located on 27th St (between 78 and 79 Sts), 099-7524-1670. The manager, Aiyo Pyae Sone Paing, speaks some English. They offer a range of oil and body massages in 8 rooms, as well as outcall services at very modest prices." -- Eugene, Mar 6, 2020

Meeting Places

    • There is a young and friendly crowd hanging out around the fitness equipment by the southeast corner of the Palace wall (at 26th and 66th St to be precise), opposite Mandalay Swan and Sedona Hotels. UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2011
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General Information

    The Taungbyon Nat Pwe festival is held yearly at Taungbyone, about 20k north of Mandalay. It is held the last part of Aug for six days, up to and including the full moon. Thousands of people from all over Myanmar gather to celebrate the Nats (spirit mediums). Gays from all over Myanmar attend. The large majoirty of Nats in Myanmar are gay men. Also many gay devotees show up just to join in the party, as do hundreds of gays from nearby Thailand. For six days people dance, eat, and drink. The area is covered with food tables and shop stalls. Roving dance groups perform day and night. The atmosphere reflects that of Carnival in Brazil or in the Caribbean. During these days you can do what you feel, not what you have to do during the rest of the year. For this reason many males 'come out' during these six days. Foreigners wishing to attend should take a local along. Many guides or drivers are more than willing go.

      Comments from Utopians:

      "The Taungbyon Nat Pwe (festival) is the largest religious gathering in the country. It is not, itself, a gay event. The big stage shows every night feature regular current singers and bands, with no cross-dressing and no apparent LGBT aspects. The festival is a big country fair, with food, games, rides -- and fancy hats and toy swords for the kids. A distinctive part of the festival are dance performances by spirit mediums and other devotees of the Nats (local spirits) in the main 'palace', or a dozen or so smaller 'palaces'. Most of the spirit mediums are males and most of those are gay. The male spirit mediums will cross-dress if the Nat spirit that is to possess them is a female. If it is a male Nat spirit, they will still dress very elaborately, with make-up, eye shadow, and lustrous clothing, but they will be dressing as males, perhaps as one of the Taungbyon brothers who are the special spirits for this particular Nat Pwe. The performances by the spirit mediums are the flamboyant part of the overall festival, but they blend in with the other aspects of the very large gathering. The spirit medium performances are the special reason for the festival, but the festival is a much larger event, filled with families with kids and young heterosexual couples. Gay spirit mediums are familiar to everyone in Myanmar/Burma, just as trans figures, like kathoey in Thailand are known to everyone in Thailand. The festival is certainly gay positive. Gay mediums and their gay followers co-exist happily with other festival goers." -- Douglas Sanders.

YANGON / RANGOON -- area code +95-1

General Information

    Yangon is like no other city in Asia. It is the definitive setting for an exotic “far east” movie set; a bustling, dusty, and color-splashed city blending nostalgic influences from India, Tibet and Persia into its ancient cultural fabric. The people are simply amazing to look at. Classic colonial facades give way to diamond and gem-encrusted spires of zedis (temple stupas) around which daily life orbits.

    Have high tea at the classic Strand Hotel, wander the shady markets in the afternoon and then head to the glimmering Shwedagon pagoda before sunset. Here, amidst prayer halls, spirit shrines, and monumental bronze bells, take a moment to sit and watch the crowd of families, tourists, pilgrims, school children, monks, nuns, and worshippers as they flow through the golden light.

    Yangon has a population of over 5 million (that's more than 200,000 Utopians).

Popular Spots


      Click here for Yangon hotels and accommodations.

Bars and Clubs

    • Ko Ko's

    • Lion World UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUL 2017
        Corner of Anawyatar St and Shwedagon Pagoda Rd

        It is an upstairs restaurant and bar on a balcony connected to one of the overhead walkways (and to a department store above 369). It draws some local gays for a snack or beer. Gays gather at the bar. Handsome young waiters. Not much English spoken, so consider going with a local friend. Closes early.
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    • Sarkies Bar UTOPIAN VERIFIED DEC 2016
        The Strand, 92 Strand Rd

        Not gay, but the place to be on Fri nights for trendy locals, expats, and visitors alike. Cozy seating and excellent service. Great range of cocktails, wines and spirits, cigars and snacks. Happy Hour special prices. Pool table.
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    • Silver Oak Cafe
        83/91 Bo Aung Kyaw St

        The front is a Ko Ko hair salon, the club is in the back. Live music club with very friendly staff. Local food and drinks. Two blocks from The Strand. Busy from 8pm onwards.
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    • 369 Disco UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2012
        Shwedagon Pagoda Rd (between Mahabandoola Rd and Anawratha Rd)

        A 15 minute walk west of Sule Pagoda (the central landmark in the British colonial section of Yangon). This largely gay disco has been in operation for a number of years and seems to have fallen on lean times. The crowd is small and the show close to nothing. Entry fee includes a drink. It closes at 2am. Open on Sat and Sun (maybe more nights). Some some foreigners.
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    • 9th Floor Disco UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN 2012

        Located in the Mingal Zei group of buildings, north of the old British colonial area and close to Kandawgyi Lake. Tell your taxi driver to go to JJ Disco. JJ is on 8/F and 9th Floor Disco is on 9/F. Can get jammed on Sat with hunfreds of young Burmese. Loud disco music makes conversation difficult and the lighting challenges anyone trying to identify the number of transgenders among the clubbers. Video screens continually show football. The crowd is middle-class, about 90% gay males, plus lesbian couples and some straights. The crowd's too hip to wear longyis (sarong). Basically everyone's in jeans. Entry includes a beer. A sign indicates the disco is open Thu-Sun. It closes at 4am. Few, if any, foreigners.
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        Venue location is announced on their website each month, email. Gay-owned fab is Yangon's first monthly party for lesbians, gays and friends. Every last Sat of the month they throw a party. It's for drinking, dancing and flirting. It attracts a mixed crowd of locals, expats and visitors. Even though it's a mixed crowd, most of the LGBT will eventually attend the party. Organised by YG. Come and dance, flirt, drink and chat in a great mix of locals, expats and tourists, gays and straights. The relaxed atmosphere and great tunes from DJ Bay Tar make for a great night out. Entrance is very inexpensive and includes a free shot. FAB is non-profit: all proceedings go to the Yangon LGBT cause. The party starts at 10pm and there's often a line after 11:30pm.
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Massage and Spas

Meeting Places

    • Aungsan National Sports Stadium

    • Fitness area at the Olympic swimming pool is a hangout for local gay people. Facilities are very poor (don't expect a proper shower) and equipment is ancient.
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    • Inya Lake park.
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    • J-Donuts
        Shwe Bon Htar St at Dagon Centre

        Cruisy in the day and early evenings 5-7pm on weekends especially. -- eye contact is crucial. Once you make contact, you'll find a friend. Beware of the hustlers but most times they just want to get to know a foreigner who will help sponsor them and help them get out of a life of tyranny and unemployment.
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    • Lake Kandawgi -- vicinity of Kandawgi Hotel.
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    • Mahabandoola Park area, in evening before the park closes at 6pm. UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2015
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    • Pedestrian overpass
        Thein Gyi Zay (Anawyater St and Shwedagon Paya Rd)

        In the evenings between 7-9pm. If you make a new friend, head to nearby Lion World Beer Garden for a drink. Young men stand here in the evening hoping to find a boyfriend. There is also a facility at the northwest corner of this junction and people also stroll along the section of Shwedagon Pagoda Rd north of this junction.
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Restaurants and Cafes
    • 50th Street Cafe Restaurant and Bar UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2020
        9/13 50th St (just off Merchant Rd), Botahtaung Township,

        Lovely, gay-friendly café and bar in a restored colonial building. It has pool tables, newspapers, sand-blasted brick walls and warm wood trim. Very fashionable. Excellent Burmese food and cold beer. A well known hangout frequented by both the expat and local crowd.
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    • Aung Thukha (Myanmar food)

    • Golden Duck

        Several branches around, including one near the jetty to cross the river that has a great view and atmosphere, plus really cute waiters who are sometimes bathing outside at the far end of the restaurant.
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    • Lavender (Myanmar, Korean and Taiwanese food)

    • Monsoon (Myanmar, Thai, Vietnamese, and Cambodian cuisine) UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2012
        85-87 Theinbyu Rd, lower block, Botataung (east of city hall about six blocks)
        295-224, 705-063

        Expensive, but the food is good and the waiters cute. Very gay friendly.
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    • My Place Cafe UTOPIAN VERIFIED APR 2019

    • O'Thentic UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2020
        45 Yaw Min Gyi St, Dagon Township (corner of Boggyoke Market)
        +95 94-4952-9557

        Gay-owned French style creperie. Tues they organize "Friends Tuesday" which is popular with the gay community. Great ambience. Food is tasty and at a reasonable price. Drag queen show every 2nd and last Tues of the month. Happy Hour every night.
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    • The Strand Café(Myanmar and international) UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2012
        92 Strand Road

        Their Myanamar set lunch is a great introduction to local cuisine, including seasonal specialties like a fantastic tomato salad with crunchy peanut dressing, savory butterfish curry, and delicious sweets. Their daily high tea is also a wonderful way to relax during the heat of afternoon while you absorb the ambiance of this classic colonial-era hotel.
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    • The Strand Grill(Myanmar and international)


    • The Bodyguard Hair Salon & Healthy Massage Center (For Men) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2020
        Room-A4/A5, Yadanar Mon Housing (corner of Yadanar Rd and Waizayantar Rd, just beside Aung Yadanar Specialist Clinic), Thingungyun Township
        099-7499-0197, 092-6007-4199, 097-9628-1643, email

        Gay-friendly hair salon and healthy massage center for men. Services and packages are professionally designed for the purposes of relaxation, health, beauty and recreation. Their staff are physically well trained, service orientated, humble, nice looking and certified to serve professionally. They care about quality of service, guest relations, cleanliness of their environment and peacefulness of the surroundings. They listen and try to understand and provide service solutions tailored to your needs.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 5% DISCOUNT.
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    • The Golden Tortoise UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2012

    • Yangon Hair and Beauty Center (for men) UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2016
        G/F No. 78 Kyaik Ka San St, Tarmwe Township (near United Living Mall)
        +95 97-9388-3889, + 95 92-6383-2408, LINE: nhtp22, email

        Welcome to a gay-friendly haven, a one-stop shop for all of your grooming needs, a place where you can leave behind the stress of humdrum daily life and experience tranquility and harmony. They offer you personal time and space to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Their team is dedicated to serving you each and every day. Open 10am-10pm.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT on any item.
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