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50+ years of progress: 1st Asian Gay Magazine: Barazoku, Japan, 1971; 1st Asian Gay Rights Organization: Indonesia, 1981; 1st Thai Gay Magazine: Mithuna, 1983; 1st Japanese Gay Rights Organization: JILGA, 1983; 1st Taiwanese Gay-Themed Novel: Crystal Boys, 1983; 1st Thai Lesbian Organization: Anjaree, 1986; 1st Singaporean Gay Magazine: OG, 1987; 1st Malaysian Gay AIDS Organization: Pink Triangle, 1988; 1st Thai Gay AIDS Organization: FACT, 1988; 1st Indian Gay Magazine: Bombay Dost, 1989; 1st Asian Gay Film/Video Festival: Hong Kong, 1989; 1st Taiwanese Lesbian Activist Organization: Women Zhi Jian, 1990; Hong Kong Decriminalization of Homosexuality, 1991; 1st International Asian Lesbian Conference: Bangkok, 1991; 1st Gay Play in Singapore, Another Tribe by Fong Yong Chin, 1991; 1st Japanese International Gay Film/Video Festival: Tokyo, 1992; China Decriminalization of Homosexuality: 1993; 1st Taiwanese Lesbian Magazine: Ai Bao, 1993; 1st Asian Gay Rights Conference: Indonesia, 1993; 1st Gay Art Show in Singapore: Tan Peng & John Goss, Feb 20, 1993; 1st Asian Gay Pride March: Manila, Jun 26, 1994; 1st Japanese Gay Pride March: Tokyo, 1994; 1st Indian Gay Conference: Mumbai, 1994; 1st Thai Gay and Lesbian Book Shop: Utopia, Dec 13, 1994; 1st Asian Gay and Lesbian Internet Portal: Utopia-Asia.com, Dec 13, 1995; 1st Taiwanese Gay Wedding: 1996; 1st Officially Authorized Taiwanese Gay Magazine: G&L, 1996; 1st Thai International Gay Film/Video Festival: Hearts of Light, Bangkok, Oct 11, 1996; 1st International Chinese Tongzhi Conference: Hong Kong, Dec, 1996; 1st Asian Lesbian Pride March: Tokyo, 1997; 1st Taiwanese Gay Pride Event: Taipei, June 29, 1997; Legal Victory in Gay Discrimination Suit: Tokyo, Sep 16, 1997; 1st Korean Gay Magazine: Buddy, 1998; 1st Chinese National Lesbian Conference: Beijing 1998; 1st Thai International Gay Pride Festival: Bangkok, Oct 31, 1999; 1st Indonesian Lesbian Organization: Swara Srikandi, 2000; 1st Utopia Awards for Gay & Lesbian Pioneers: Bangkok, Nov 4, 2000; China Officially Declassifies Homosexuality as a Disease: 2001; 1st Chinese Gay Film Festival: Beijing, 2001; Thailand Officially Declassifies Homosexuality as a Mental Disorder: 2002; 1st Cambodian Gay Pride Event: Phnom Penh, 2003; 1st Sri Lankan GLBT AIDS Event: Jul 3, 2003; 1st Taiwanese Gay Pride March: Nov 1, 2003; 1st Korean Gay Wedding: Mar, 2004; 1st Indian Gay and Lesbian Center: Mumbai, Apr 25, 2004; 1st Hong Kong GLBT Rights Rally, May 17, 2005; 1st Int'l Conference of Asian GLBT Studies: Bangkok, July 7-9, 2005; 1st Sri Lankan Pride Celebration: Colombo, July 20, 2005; 1st Singaporean Public Pride Festival: Indignation, the month of Aug, 2005; Thailand's 1st National Human Rights Day for Sexual Diversity, Nov 29, 2008; Shanghai's 1st Pride Week, June 7-14, 2009; Dehli High Court Repeals Anti-Homosexual Laws, July 2, 2009; 1st Siem Reap Pride Event at Linga Bar, May 2012; Vietnam's first Pride Parade held in Hanoi, Aug 5, 2012; 1st Asia/Pacific country to legalize same-sex marriage: New Zealand, Apr 17, 2013; 1st Cambodia LGBT magazine: Q, published May 19, 2015; 1st Asian country to affirm that its constitution protects marriage equality: Taiwan, May 24, 2017; India's Supreme Court decriminalizes homosexuality, Sep 6, 2018; Taiwan legalizes same sex marriage, May 17, 2019; Bhutan decriminalizes homosexuality, June 8, 2019; Singapore decriminalization of sex between men, Nov 29, 2022; Tawan regularizes adoption for same-sex couples, May 16, 2023;

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