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Travel & Resources: VIETNAM

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Advisory: There have never been laws against homosexual activity in Vietnam. Although state-run media temporarily declared that homosexuality was a "social evil" in 2002, officials quickly corrected those with ignorant, superstitious views and the Communist Youth Newspaper carried a story about homosexuality that same year stating "some people are born gay, just as some people are born left-handed." Gay venues openly exist and sport official MSM safer sex materials, the government put on an exhibition of photographs called Gay Life which toured all major universities, and the country recognized its first same-sex domestic partner of a diplomat with an official diplomatic visa. From famous poets, celebrities, and party leaders, gays have, of course, always been an integral thread in the fabric of Vietnam..

In 2015 Vietnam lifted the official ban on same-sex marriage, although it has not yet conferred legal protections to same-sex spouses that it gives to straight spouses.

Homosexuality is not a crime in Vietnam, but blackmail is, so do contact the Police if you are threatened by a scam artist. Prostitution is illegal as is the payment of money for sexual services. Gay visitors can help to set a good example by observing the local laws and customs.

Vietnam Listings by City:


Other cities and provinces are listed below...

General Information

VietPride photo by Jiri Pasz
photo by Jiri Pasz
    Vietnam has become a favorite destination for travelers to Southeast Asia. Picturesque, vibrant and youthful, it offers magnificent natural wonders, gorgeous beaches, ancient city lanes, addictive cuisine and a paradise of shopping bargains.

    Vietnam is splashed with color, from verdant rice fields, hot pink lanterns and day-glo boutiques, to the increasing visibility of gays and lesbians adding their own special hues to Vietnam’s rainbow.

    Vietnam is a place to have fun, but also a place to use your common sense since the gay world here is still largely in the shadows.

    No seasoned traveler should miss a chance to encounter the amazingly friendly Vietnamese, to learn about their rich culture and enjoy their warm hospitality!

  • The legality of homosexuality in Vietnam: a posting from the VN-GBLF E-mail forum (see info below on joining this forum).
  • Vietnam Gay & Lesbian News Archive
  • Vietnamese terms for homosexuality: a posting from the VN-GBLF E-mail forum.
  • Additional links for Vietnam GLBT information.

    A poem by Vietnam's preeminent gay poet of the 20th century, Xuan Dieu
    translated by Huynh Sanh Thong

    A Fool in Love

    You suffer as you stray and lose your heart,
    adore the wrong one, and misplace your love.
    Your gold you lavish where it goes to waste;
    you suffer as you beg where one won't give.

    It seems so smooth, the road - who will beware?
    When you come to, the thorn has stung your bone.
    You lax the reins and let your heart run loose --
    you suffer as you can't turn back again.

    You peer in shallow eyes, discover depths;
    you fancy riches stored in vacuous hearts.
    Forever you'll pursue sheer mists or clouds,
    intent on finding heaven here on earth.

    You suffer, squeezing through a narrow gate --
    the door's shut tight, so harder you will pounce.
    When stabbed and injured, you will keep the knife
    and won't be healed of your delicious wound.

    -- Xuan Dieu, Sending Fragrance to the Wind

Articles and Publications

  • A World Without Women (Vietnam's first gay-themed novel).


Travel Services

  • Amazing Halong Bay Travel UTOPIA VERIFIED AUG 2017

  • Ideal Travel Asia UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2017

  • Rainbow Tourism UTOPIA VERIFIED MAY 2017

  • See-Vietnam.com UTOPIA VERIFIED OCT 2017
      +84 93-933-1112, email

      Gay-owned tour company owned by a friendly Vietnamese man who has worked in the tourism industry for over 7 years. As your personal Vietnam guide, See-Vietnam offers private and tailored tours that have been rated excellent by guests on Trip Advisor. You will get to know the history of Saigon on foot or by Vietnamese pedicabs, to explore off-the-tourist-track for a more genuine look at HCMC's vibrant businesses and lifestyles. For those who love the countryside, you can go to the Mekong Delta to experience the "rice basket" of Vietnam, as well a stop at real floating markets. Connect with Vietnam through the most amazing personalized and authentic experiences.
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  • VietTin Travel UTOPIA VERIFIED JUL 2015
      204E Su Van Hanh, Ward 9. Dist 5, Ho Chi Minh City
      +84 3833-3108, 091-201-1790, FAX +84 38333221, email

      Gay-owned, tailor-made tours, inbound and outbound travel planning, tickets, hotel reservations, visa services, car rentals and MICE events.
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Popular Spots


Da Nang/Danang

General Information

    Da Nang is a major developing city and air hub for visits to Central Vietnam and its nearby heritage cities of Hoi An (30 minutes by car) and Hue (2 hours). The population has swollen to over 1 million (that's 40,000 Utopians).

    The long and picturesque beach is the main draw here, but it's mostly Vietnamese tourists enjoying the beach in there own unique way. For starters, it can be very noisy with over-amplified music starting at sunrise and running until nearly midnight (be well advised if you are considering a lovely seasview room at a beachside hotel). Secondly, the Vietnamese avoid the sun like the plague and so they hit the surf before sunrise until about 10am and again once the sun is setting (the beach will be nearly devoid of locals during the sunny part of the day). Vietnamese also tend to wear many more layers of clothing than westerners, so don't expect glimpses of Speedo-clad flesh. You can, however, expect glimpses of wet underwear substituting for bathing suits.

    Da Nang Rainbow Straws (c) 2015 by John C. Goss

    While a gay scene is only recently beginning to develop, smart device apps like Jack'd and Growlr will be buzzing with messages from local Utopians interested in meeting up.

Popular Spots


      Click here for Danang hotels and accommodations.


      Da Nang Marble Mountains (c) 2015 by John C. Goss

    • Marble Mountains UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2015

        On the southern edge of the city, on the way to Hoi An, is a very tourist trappy conglomeration of stone and "gem" carving shops where you driver will get a complimentary rest stop (and 30% commission on any sales) while you visit the nearby limestone karst dotted with shrines and pagodas and riddled with dank caverns that descend into some wonderfully lurid folk art tableaus depicting the horrors awaiting sinners in Asian Hell.
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Massage and Spas

Restaurants and Cafes

    • Golden Pine Pub UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2015
        52 Bach Dang St
        093-521-0113, email

        Gay-popular pub with decent food and reasonably priced beer. Friendly and nice place to enjoy the riverside area with local Utopians. Crowd is about 50% LGBT and gets more so after 10pm. Some lesbians.
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General Information

    Population is a half million (that's 20,000 Utopians).

Popular Spots




Hoa Binh

General Information

    The capital of Hoa Binh Province, located 76k from Hanoi.

Popular Spots


Hoi An


General Information

    Hue is a charming, slow-paced and relaxed city perched on the banks of the Perfume River and blessed with heritage treasures that make a stay of two or three days worthwhile for tourists. As night falls, the river bank comes alive with carefree strollers, polite hawkers, and citizens of all ages. There are great eats to be found here for foodies on the hunt for Central Vietnam's unique flavors and cooking styles.

    Hue Rainbow Bridge (c) 2015 by John C. Goss

    Hue's "Rainbow Bridge" is thoughtfully painted in shifting hues of light each evening, no public gay scene has yet to develop here. While a small town atmosphere prevails, apps like Jack'd and Growlr may prove useful in unccovering local Utopians eager to make friends.

Popular Spots


    • Imperial Citadel UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2015

        It's a huge expanse of temple-like courtyards and ruined gardens being slowly restored using traditional construction materials and methods. Take lots of bottled water for your trek in the heat.
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    • Imperial Tombs UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2015

    • Incense Village UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2015

    • Pagodas UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2015

Restaurants and Cafes

    • Lac Thanh UTOPIA VISITED JUL 2015
        6A Dinh Tien Hoang

        Foodie alert! Find this tiny restaurant just before entering Hue's Imperial Citadel. The owner - full of personality - not only serves up tasty local flavors, but will helpfully mark your map with the local points of interest which have free admissions or which were less interesting or over-priced (using smiling, disinterested, or frowny faces). He'll also show you how to combine condiments for each dish he serves, even comically delivering a perfectly composed bite direct into your mouth with chopsticks. Try the chewy banh khoai (shrimp and pork fried crisps), wrapped in leafy herbs, and dipped into a slightly fermented, pudding-like, nutty dipping sauce. Also try banh nam, a savory and chewy rice delicacy steamed in banana leaves and sprinkled with spicy fish sauce. The banh cuon, which looks rather like a wilting spring roll, contains an unctuous crispy pork surprise when you bite into the custardy rice pancake wrapper. Humble and tasty.
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Mekong Delta / Cai Lay (Tien Giang)

Popular Spots


      Click here for Mekong Delta hotels and accommodations.

Nha Trang

Travel Services

Popular Spots


Bars and Clubs
    • Sailing Club UTOPIAN VERIFIED JUN 2010

        There is no 100% gay club in Nha Trang yet. Most bars and pubs are along the intersection between Tran Phu St (seaside main road) and Tran Quang Khai, and Nguyen Thien Thuat. You can get cheap drink with flyers and during happy hours. After 11pm, people hang out at Sailing Club. This is the only club on the seaside open till 2am. It is straight club, but, as usual, you will detect a gay corner.
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Meeting Places

    • Walk past the fun fair and hotel on the beach to a garden area and derelict beach resort. Lots of action most evenings, 7pm-midnight. UTOPIAN VERIFIED MAR 2013
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Phan Thiet / Mui Ne

Popular Spots


      Click here for Phan Thiet / Mui Ne hotels and accommodations.

Bars and Clubs

    • Pogo Beach Bar UTOPIAN VERIFIED SEP 2015
        138 Nguyen Dinh Chieu

        Gay and lesbian-friendly open-air beachfront bar and restaurant serving food from 9am-10pm, and drinks from 9am-2am. An eclectic atmosphere featuring DJs, live music, movies and other events in an open minded space where all are welcome. Lounge on their beach beds, enjoy free pool, Wifi, board games, books, or go for a swim.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 10% DISCOUNT.
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      Comments from Utopians:

      "Dragon Beach is the best club now for local gay clientele. It consists of two dance floors, each with its own DJ and music style. One is inside and one is outside. The outside bar often has fire dancers and pole dancers. It is located at 120/1 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet, in the center of the tourist strip. There is a large Vietnamese crowd on the weekends (a good portion is gay), especially on Sat night. The Vietnamese tend to sit inside while the outside area is mostly tourists. It usually picks up at around 11pm and goes until 4am, with the largest crowd just after midnight. It is by far the most popular beach bar and dance venue in Phan Thiet." -- Steve R., Oct 20, 2017

Phu Quoc Island

Popular Spots


Restaurants and Cafes
    • Buddy Ice Cream & Info Café UTOPIA VERIFIED MAR 2010
        26 Nguyen Trai St, Duong Dong
        +84 077 399-4181, email

        Gay-friendly and established in 2005 with the aim of providing all visitors with impartial tourist information as well as fantastic New Zealand ice cream products, smoothies, shakes, juices, cakes and various snacks. Free Wi-Fi, free Phu Quoc Island and town maps.
        Utopia Member Benefit: 20% DISCOUNT on ice cream.
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Shops and Salons

Qui Nhon (Binh Dinh)

Popular Spots



Popular Spots


Tam Hai / Tam Ky

Popular Spots


      Click here for Tam Hai / Tam Ky hotels and accommodations.

Vung Tau

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs


    • Club 7
        At the end of Quang Trung St (near former post office, on the way from Front Beach to Back Beach)

        A nice place to go after 8pm. Popular with gays. No entry fee, but drinks are a must.
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Meeting Places


Arthur & Paul, Phnom Penh's gay men-only resort
Phnom Pehn's gay men-only boutique hotel, spa, pool and restaurant...
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Phuket Pride 2017

Showing some talent at Phuket Pride 2017

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