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Travel & Resources: HANGZHOU

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HANGZHOU (Zhejiang Province) -- area code +86-571

General Information

Hangzhou West Lake (c) 2003 by John C. Goss

    Marco Polo passed through Hangzhou in the 13th century and called it one of the most splendid cities in the world.

Hangzhou West Lake pavilion (c) 2017 by John C. Goss

    Today, Hangzou is a bustling lakeside resort popular with Chinese holiday makers. The enormous West Lake retains the romance of long ago, with misty vistas that seem to have been lifted from a painted scroll. In contrast the surrounding city has encroached the lake with a repetitive series of vast, luxury brand malls and accompanying security guards patrolling the streets.

Hangzhou maple leaves in fall (c) 2003 by John C. Goss

    Population is nearing 10 million (that's around 400,000 Utopians). Phone apps like Blued and 9 Monsters are popular for connecting with the locals.

Popular Spots

Bars and Clubs

    • Jundu Club
        8597-7186, 135-8882-5188, map and directions

        Near the intersection of Baochu Lu and Bei Shan Lu at the northern most shore of West Lake. With your back to West Lake, walk northwest up Baochu Lu for about fifty meters. To your right there is a narrow road leading off through the park. Walk along this road for about 100 metres. On your right is a building/bar/tea-house. The gay bar is in the basement and is the 2nd bar from the corner (the first one is straight). Disco dancing starting about 10pm, with karaoke going on before that. Crowd is a mix of locals and foreigners.
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Massage for Men

Meeting Places

    • Over Seas Chinese Hotel

    • Shuyuan Park UTOPIAN VERIFIED SEP 2016

        A park that is frequented by gays, day and night. Go to the intersection of Mugangshan Lu and WenYi Lu. Walk along the right side of Mugangshan Lu - away from the city - for 400m. You'll come to a pedestrian crossing on your left and a park on your right. Enter the park. During the day you'll see families and old people enjoying the outdoors. On the benches you'll see straight couples making out, and in the gardens you might see guys. Cruising goes on 24/7, but after 9pm, the lights are turned off and the action begins. You'll still see the occasional straight couple on the benches, but you'll see the guys being more adventurous, out in the open. The main gate is locked at about 10pm, but the northern gate is open at least until midnight.
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Restaurants and Cafes

    • He Cha Guan (tea house)
        77 Huai Min Rd (at the intersection of So Yan An South Rd)
        8782-9711, 8782-9733

        A modern tea house with traditional decor and booth seating with curtains that may be drawn for extra privacy. Try a variety of teas while you sample a strange selection of treats from a "tea buffet". A very cozy and relaxing place.
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    • Han Lin Cun UTOPIAN VERIFIED JAN 2017

        Comments from Utopians:

        "Mainly local young men, a few speaking English. They are quite curious about foreigners. The place is fitted with showers (individial and group) on 1/Fr and large group beds on 2/F (three rooms, no light). A private room is also available. I met some cute and fit guys here." -- Kheper, Jan 3, 2017

    • Xin Dingling UTOPIAN VERIFIED NOV 2016

        Comments from Utopians:

        "At the gate you will find two typical Chinese red lanterns. There's no sauna, only showers (very badly kept) and and beds. Decrepit place. Very cold in winter. I went at 6:30pm tonight and only one other guy there. Fortunately he was in the shower and we liked each other, so we had fun. Only Y$30." -- Josep, Nov 26, 2016

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